C-SPAN Video Contest

Local Bright House Winners


This year we had four national winners from our service areas and four local regional winners. A big congratulations to all of our winners! Check back this fall for more information about the 2016 C-SPAN StudentCam competition.

National Second Third Place Winner — High School Division
$750 Student Cash Prize and $125 School Grant*

Education in America

Sydney Plastow and Zoe Heafner, Winter Park High, Winter Park, FL
This documentary examines our country’s educational system, and addresses some systemic issues and concerns.

National Honorable Mentions — High School Division
$250 Student Cash Prize*

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

Nancy Pickett, Winter Park High, Winter Park, FL
Nancy Pickett highlights the horrors of the human sex trafficking issue in the United States.

Free College Tuition

Christina Spain and Chelsea Wilck, Winter Park High, Winter Park, FL
This documentary offers an objective view of the benefits and problems associated with free college tuition.

Standardized Testing

Walker Simasek and Clay DeHart, Winter Park High, Winter Park, FL
This documentary places a critical microscope on the value of standardized testing in our current educational system.

*Bright House Networks will match the national prize amounts.


Local Bright House Sponsored Prizes: $1,000 Student Cash Prize and $1,000 School Grant

Gun Control

Pierce Jones, Jesus Zuniga and Andrew Darcy
Guardian Angels Catholic School, Clearwater, FL

This documentary shines a light on the need for the improvement of our country’s gun control laws.

Generalize the Study of Human Rights

Krystian Rodriguez
Chasco Middle School, Port Richey, FL

Krystian Rodriguez builds a case for making the study of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a main school subject.

Tuition Troubles

Sarah King
Carmel High School, Carmel, IN

Sarah King objectively discusses the feasibility of proposed college tuition plans.

Voter I.D. Law

Salena Lee
Ramsay High School, Birmingham, AL

Salena Lee facilitates a conversation centered on voter I.D. laws and whether they discriminate against specific voters.