A Bright House expert arrives at a neighborhood home for a customer service appointment.

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Keeping Your House a Bright House

Our house got hit by lightning and completely burned out our phone lines and cable. Within hours, the first tech arrived and got temporary phone service and access to our cable. The following day...

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Thankful for Eddie
I just wanted to inform you of the great service and experience we received from a technician named “Eddie” on December 28th. He went out of his way to help us establish TV service, even cutting and installing extra cable for our TV connection… Read More

Time To Represent
I have your High Speed Data Services (which I love). I would like to compliment the service technician you sent to my home. He was smart, knew what to test and resolved my concern in ten minutes. Thank you, Bright House Networks… Read More

Good Connections Made Easy
I was very impressed by your service technician Hichem’s professionalism and ability to patiently explain the remote control, Guide, etc. He took the time to make sure that the connections were good, inside the house and outside… Read More

Excellent Work!
Couldn’t be happier with your Service Technician Jose’s work. He knew right away what to do and didn’t leave until he made sure we had an Internet connection for every computer, and he also double-checked that our phone line was working… Read More

Way to Go Bill!
Dear Bright House Networks, I would like to take a moment to highly commend one of your Quality Assurance Technicians by the name of Bill. Upon arrival, Bill greeted me with the utmost respect and was extremely polite. He was very patient… Read More

Friendly and Helpful
I recently had the honor of speaking to a very helpful person in your technical support department. Henry was extremely friendly and helpful. He was able to resolve my issue in little time, spoke to me as if we had always been friends, and was cheerful… Read More

Patient and Persistent
called Bright House Networks customer care and spoke with Isabella. She helped me correct a problem with my email account. Isabella was persistent in unraveling the details of my problem and was at all times very patient with me… Read More

Thanks Sheryl!
I’d like to compliment Sheryl for the excellent customer care service she provided me. I have never been so pleased with the service I received. Sheryl’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations… Read More

Not Too Busy To Help
As I was going to the grocery store, I noticed a very large soft shelled turtle in the middle of the road trying to cross. I was concerned the turtle would be hit by a car. But then, Edgar from Bright House Networks stopped his van to help… Read More