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It's all about you!

When it comes to making your life easier,
Bright House Networks Digital delivers with its wide variety of TV services that let you take control of your TV, from when you watch, to what you watch, even where you watch.

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What You Need

Connect any TV in your house to a Bright House Networks converter or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to enter a whole new world of television entertainment.

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Why It's Better

Premier TV is like a self-portrait, individualized just for you. Watch what you want the way you want with interactive features, exclusive channels and the DVR.

Bright House Networks Channels

Discover all the entertainment available at your fingertips at any time, in your bright house.

  • High Definition (HD) Programming
    Bring any picture to life with HD from the Home of Free HD. This is TV with images so vivid you can almost touch them, all on the channels you want to watch the most.  
  • Available On Demand
    Now. Later. Anytime. This gallery is always open. On Demand means the shows, movies and programs that interest you are always ready and waiting for you. You start them, at your convenience. See what’s on today!
  • Movies On Demand
    It’s even better than stadium seating when you turn your home into a home theater with Movies on Demand. Discover how easy it is to relax in your home with movies you start, anytime.
  • Premium Channels
    It’s like always having an invitation to exclusive showings from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, Fox Movie Channel and TMC. Add any package of your favorite channels, and get the movies and original series their showing as part of your entertainment library.
  • Music
    Turn your TV into a concert hall or a juke box, even create your life’s soundtrack. It’s easy with Music Choice.
  • Sports
    You don’t need a ticket. All you need is Bright House Networks and your TV to enjoy the biggest moments in sports history, when you tune in to all the big-league action.
  • Local Programming
    Think locally. Watch locally. Only Bright House Networks delivers local programming right to your TV. We offer 24-hour news with News 13. Get sports programming on Bright House Sports Network. And you'll find stories and features with a local flair with Local On Demand.
  • Foreign Language
    No passport or bags required when you take a tour of entertainment from around the world. Premium International Channels are now available on Bright House Networks.
  • 3D TV
    If you like 3D movies, you’ll love 3D TV! And with Bright House Networks Digital Service, a 3D-equipped TV and 3D glasses, you’re ready to sit back and enjoy a variety of movies and programming all in amazing 3D. Check your channel lineup or your on-screen guide to learn more.