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Bright House Networks Modem Policy

Updated September 2012

Our goal is to provide you with enriched, high quality services. This document describes Bright House Networks (“BHN”) policy for equipment used in connection with your High Speed Internet and Home Phone services.

To use your High Speed Internet and Home Phone services, you will need a cable modem or an embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (“eMTA”), collectively “referred to as “Modem” or “Modems”. You have the option of leasing a Modem from BHN, or you may use a DOCSIS-compliant Modem purchased from a third party retailer.

If you are using a BHN Modem, you will be assessed a Modem charge on your monthly billing statement. This charge includes technical provisioning, support and maintenance of the Modem. BHN will also repair and replace a BHN Modem for you at no additional charge.

If you are using your own DOCSIS-compliant Modem, you will not be assessed a Modem charge on your monthly billing statement. Please go to our support article  for the most current list of DOCSIS-compliant Modems supported by BHN.

If the modem you provide is an eMTA, please be aware that BHN must install, secure, and provision that eMTA for use with Home Phone services. Additional service and installation charges may apply for installing and provisioning customer-owned eMTAs.

Whether the Modem is owned by you or by us, BHN may upgrade or change the firmware in the Modem at anytime. We perform firmware upgrades or changes for different purposes, such as improving the overall quality and experience of your High Speed Internet and Home Phone services. We may perform these upgrades or changes remotely or onsite.

Please be advised that BHN may not be able to upgrade or change the firmware on customer-owned Modems that are not supported by BHN. As a result, BHN reserves the right to provide services only to customers with BHN supported DOCSIS-compliant Modems. We do not guarantee the performance of your High Speed Internet or Home Phone service with a customer-owned Modem, including throughput speeds or bandwidth commitments. Please understand that non-compliant customer-owned Modems may not properly function or perform on the BHN network. BHN is not responsible for maintenance, repairs, or for service degradations related to customer-owned Modems.