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International Calling Rates

Call anyone in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico for free

Great International Rates with No Monthly Fee!

With Bright House Networks Home Phone service, enjoy great rates to your favorite countries available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no monthly fee.

Use the drop down to find rates to call anywhere in the Nation. Or if you call frequently check out our International Calling Plans that give you one low rate to call the international region.

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Unlimited Nationwide Customers:

There is no charge for calls placed to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and North Mariana Islands.

Calls to Mobile Devices, Special Services and Premium Termination Numbers:

International calls that terminate on mobile devices (wireless communications devices including phones, pagers, Personal Computers and Personal Digital Assistants) and to special services, premium and non-geographic numbers have a higher per minute rate than calls that terminate to non-wireless communications devices and standard wire-line phones. The International mobile termination charge is applied to these certain direct dialed station international calls originating in the United States and terminating in countries or areas other than the United States (excluding U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and CNMI).

Operator Services and Directory Assistance

Bright House Networks Home Phone provides directory assistance and operator services. Charges will apply for the services and will appear as a separate line on your Bright House Networks statement.

Directory Assistance Number Rate Local and National -  411 -  $2.00/call with call completion

Enhanced Directory Assistance -  411 -  $2.00/call

  • Movie listings, reverse number lookup, category (Yellow Page) search, horoscope, lottery results, time, weather, sports scores and driving directions.

Unlimited Local, National and Enhanced Directory Assistance -  411 -  $4.95/month

  • Per-use charges above do not apply.
  • Call completion is included at no extra charge.
  • Available to Unlimited Nationwide plan customers only.
  • International 411 $9.50/call
Operator Assistance

Person-to-person:   $15.00/call + $1.40/minute

Station-to-station:   $7.95/call + $1.40/minute

Other Miscellaneous Operator Assistance Requests:   $0.50/call

Prices and products subject to change.