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HDTV Buying Guide

Enjoy TV in Brilliant HD

Your favorite shows, movies, sports,
and more – enhanced!
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We want you to truly take advantage of your HDTV. It only makes sense to deliver the programs you love — even your On Demand entertainment — in realistic HD.

What You Need

As with all of our products and features, we make sure your HDTV is easy to access and enjoy. Just connect your HDTV to our television service and an HD receiver.

Why It's Better

We know how much you love TV, so go ahead and indulge in all the HD you want. With HDTV, you can sit back, relax and experience theater-quality picture and sound from the comfort of home. Best of all, it’s FREE. While other providers limit and charge for HD, we don’t. There’s plenty of HD to go around.


  • HD Channels

    What’s so big about HD from Bright House Networks?  It means more of what you want to see.  Not just lots of channels, but the best channels, plus HD on Demand and the power of an HD DVR.
    See what’s available on HDTV now

  • HD On Demand

    It’s all about HD enjoyment on your schedule, with HD movies, events and shows ready on demand.
    See what’s available in HD, anytime

  • Premium HD Channels

    Turn your Premium Movie Channels into a top-shelf experience with the package you choose available in HD. All it takes is HD service from Bright House Networks, and a subscription to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, Fox Movie Channel or TMC.
    HD Premium Channels

  • Sports in HD

    What’s better than sitting behind home plate or on the 50 yard line?  Even more sports in HD. Suit up, jump in, and make the call to watch your sports in HD with Bright House Networks.
    HD Sports Channels

HD Pack

Here’s the MVP in the HD universe. Enjoy instant HD enhancement when you add Bright House Networks HD Pack featuring Hallmark Movie Channel HD, Universal HD and more.

  • Hallmark Movie Channel HD
  • MGM HD
  • Universal HD
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