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DVR, HD DVR or Whole House DVR...

Whole House DVR! 

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Our DVR service is a must-have for today’s busy families. Choose from three different types of DVRs. Our traditional DVR that lets you pause and rewind live TV, record and watch when you want. HD DVR is ideal for HD fans looking to record and watch in HD. Whole House DVR gives you the option to record in one room and watch on any DVR in your home.

What You Need

Bright House Networks makes it easy. All you need is DVR service and a DVR converter. You can have one in every room of the house if you want. Do you have High Definition (HD)? Choose an HD DVR for the same great features in HD. It’s that easy.

Why It's Better

With our Whole House DVR service, you can record your favorite programs in one room and watch them on any TV in your DVR network. Think of the convenience and the fun of being able to record shows on your DVR here, and then watching them there. Plus, unlike some other providers, Bright House gives you the option to connect multiple Whole House DVR’s, allowing you to record up to 16 HD channels at once, and to store up to 480 hours of HD programming. Whole House DVR service makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their favorite shows.

Features and Benefits

Catch a show. Play it now. Play it later and when you’re ready, let it go. This is home entertainment on your time and on your terms with these easy-to-use features.

  • Remote DVR Manager
    Ever realize you forgot to set your DVR to record your favorite program? With Remote DVR Manager, all of your problems are solved. You can access Remote DVR Manager from any PC, and now your Internet-connected mobile device. Search your Bright House lineup, manage your program list and record programs, all from your My Services account, even when you are not at home. Find out how to access Remote DVR Manager now!
  • Whole House DVR
    With our Whole House DVR service, your TV viewing experience just got better! Whole House DVR service lets everyone enjoy their favorite shows, on their time. With options to record up to 16 HD channels at once, store up to 480 hours of HD programming, and view across multiple TVs in your home.
  • Watch and record
    Watch a live show while you’re recording another. Even record two programs at once, while you watch a previously recorded show.
  • Pause and Rewind Live TV
    Bright House Networks DVR lets you pause the show you’re watching, rewind to create your own instant replay, even fast-forward to catch up to real time.
  • Search
    Our Interactive TV guide makes it easy to search and find shows to record and watch at your convenience.
  • Record
    Choose your options and let the DVR work for you. You can record:
    • A single episode
    • Only the new episodes (skipping repeats)
    • Episodes that air on a specific channel or at a specific time
    • All episodes, anytime