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Digital TV Features


You, in the Driver's Seat

Take a Cruise in a New Direction When you Watch TV Your Way

Digital TV

Talk about power steering. Digital TV from Bright House Networks gives you total control of your entertainment. You’ve got the green light to watch movies, shows and events on demand. Start Over programs already in progress. Even record shows to watch whenever you’re ready.

What You Need

All you need to enjoy Bright House Networks Digital TV is a Digital or High Definition (HD) converter (or DVR), and a remote control.

Why It’s Better

Others may promise TV that’s interactive, but only Bright House really delivers with features like Start Over and Caller ID on TV, a complete package of On Demand Programming, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service, and exclusive local programming you won’t find anywhere else. 


Set your own entertainment Itinerary. With Digital TV from Bright House Networks, TV starts, stops and records whenever you say. Take a look at all the possibilities of Digital TV in your home.

  • On Demand Programming
    Get there your way. With On Demand programming from Bright House Networks, you can start thousands of movies, shows, events and music on demand, so you’ll always be on time for TV. Choose now.
  • Interactive TV Guide
    Here’s your interactive roadmap to everything on TV. Search, control and explore what’s on TV easier than ever with this interactive
  • DVR and Whole House DVR  
    Record your favorite movies, events or shows, and watch them anytime. You can even pause live TV. With Whole House DVR, you can watch your recorded shows in any room you choose. Learn more.
  • Remote DVR Manager
    Now you can manage your DVR, even when you are not home. With Remote DVR Manager you can search your channel lineup, schedule recordings and manage your program list from a PC, and now from your mobile device.
  • Parental Controls
    These are roadblocks you want to see. Block channels and shows you find too mature for your family and keep everyone protected.
  • Start Over
    “Stop and go” is good news here. Start Over lets you restart live shows already playing, so you never have to worry about being late for TV again.
  • Caller ID on TV
    It’s like a dashboard computer- see who’s calling your home phone right on your TV. A caller’s name and number appears, and you can decide whether to answer, or continue watching your program.
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