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How To Videos

Watch and Learn

Charlie'sTech Talk

Meet Charlie. He’s here to help you get the most out of your Bright House services. Watch the How To videos here or on your TV. You’ll find them in the How To section of your on-screen guide.


The app that lets you watch many of your favorite shows anywhere in your house.

Bright Moves

We have a program that makes moving your services to a new home easy.

Converter Reboot

How to wire and reboot your box.

DVR Space Management

What happens when I run out of space on my DVR?

Our Promise

We promise to treat our customers as friends.

Start Over

Late to the show? Start over lets you...start over!


Thousands of WiFi Hot Spots all over town, free to our customers.

Internet Speed

How do I know what my speed is and what affects it?

Online Channel Lineups

Get your up to the minute, local channel lineup.

TV Online

Watch some of your favorite channels on mobile devices from anywhere.

Phone Features

Caller ID on TV, Voice Mail-to-text and more.

Pay per view

How do I purchase a program through my TV?

Guide and Channel Speed

Navigate and browse live and future programs.

My Services

The master login that lets you manage all of your services and apps.

Output Settings

How to properly set up your HD and aspect ratio settings.

Whole House DVR

Watch recorded shows on multiple TV’s in the house.

Parental Controls

How to block channels by time, content, channel or title.