Pay-Per-View Information

Spectrum Pay-Per-View (PPV) offers the latest hit movies for the first time on TV, as well as live events such as championship boxing, wrestling, concerts and pro and college sports.

PPV prices may vary. Your on-screen guide will display the price of the movie, live event or other programming next to the title.

How to Order a PPV Event

Ordering Online Through Live Chat

  1. Go to our Live Chat page and fill out a short form.

    Note: You might need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser to complete the form.

  2. For the Subject field, select Products & Services.
  3. Under “How may we assist you,” include the name of the PPV event you want to order. For example, “I want to order the Canelo vs. Golovkin fight.”
  4. When you’re finished, select Submit. You will be immediately connected with an Online Care Specialist who will assit you in ordering the event.

Ordering Through Your TV

You can tune to a Pay-Per-View event using your Spectrum remote control.

Note: Some support information is specific to the kind of equipment you have. For instructions specific to your Spectrum receiver, see: How do I order Pay Per View movies, sports, and events?

  1. Press the Guide button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to the channel on which the PPV event will be shown.
  1. Use the arrow keys on your remote to highlight the event you want to order.
  2. Press the Select button, then choose Buy.
    • If you have a DVR, you can also select Buy and Record, which automatically sets the DVR to record the PPV event.
  3. If prompted, enter your purchase PIN. A summary of the PPV event is displayed, including the price.
  4. Select Buy PPV Event.

Ordering on Multiple TVs

Follow the instructions above to order through your TV. After selecting Buy PPV Event, you are asked whether you want to purchase the event on one Spectrum receiver or on all Spectrum receivers.

  • Press A on your remote for All Spectrum receivers.
  • Press B for only the current Spectrum receiver you’re using to order the event.
  • Press C to cancel and return to the on-screen Guide.


If you’re having trouble ordering a Pay Per View event online or through your TV, contact us.

Additional Pay Per View Support