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International Programming

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International Channels

Travel Around the World Without Leaving Home

Bright House Networks takes you global with premium international channels that deliver diverse, original TV programming from Europe, Asia and South America.

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What You Need

It’s easy. Add any Premium International Channel to your Bright House Networks TV package.

Why It's Better

Experience authentic international TV programs, delivered in languages that speak to you. Take a look at all the channels Bright House Networks has from around the world.

Premium International Channels

These channels make your television a gateway to the world’s entertainment.

  • TV5MONDE – French
    Enjoy the rich diversity of the French with programming from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and French – speaking Africa. Featuring: news, current affairs, arts & culture, sports and more. $12.99 per month.
  • RAITALIA – Italian
    Focus on the culture of Italy through a unique blend of festivals, concerts, movies, cooking shows, game shows, documentaries and news on this channel. $12.99 per month.
  • Cinelatino – Spanish
    This is the place for family and public-service oriented programming originating exclusively from Portugal. Find a broad mix of information, entertainment, cultural, fictional, sports (including live professional soccer matches), documentaries and musicals. $12.99 per month.
    Families are sure to enjoy Channel One Russia, offering news, movies, game shows, children's programs, comedy programs, talk shows and much more 24-hours a day. This is the international version of Russia’s leading television network. $12.99 per month.
    Tune in for all-around Russian entertainment sure to please any interest. RTN offers news, movies, talk shows, soap operas, concerts, political coverage and much more. $12.99 per month.
  • Phoenix North America– Chinese/Mandarin
    Phoenix North America Chinese Channel provides service to Chinese communities in North and South America. Programming includes Mandarin dramas and variety shows, in-depth reports, documentaries and high-profile interviews. $12.99 per month.
  • Phoenix InfoNews– Chinese/Mandarin
    Phoenix InfoNews has a solid reputation as the news leader in greater China. It is the station more people turn to for 24/7 breaking news, financial reports, sports and weather and live current affairs shows. $12.99 per month.
    TFC is the first network to deliver 24-hour programming serving Filipino Americans. Tune in for live news broadcasts, drama series, game shows and much more, anytime, every day. $12.99 per month.
    Keep up with the South Asian community throughout the U.S. with news broadcast in three languages, plus movies, sports, hit dramas, sitcoms, talk shows, game shows, children's, women's and religious programming. $12.99 per month.
  • SET ASIA – Hindi
    Get your fill of family entertainment from South Asia with movies, drama, comedies and thrillers in Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati, plus news, sports and music. $12.99 per month.
  • ZEE TV – Hindi
    Get your fill of family entertainment from South Asia with movies, drama, comedies and thrillers in Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati, plus news, sports and music. $12.99 per month.
  • ART – Arabic
    ART is the most prestigious Arabic channel serving Arab Americans. ART's goal is to link Arab communities to their homeland with programming in their own language and is committed to delivering a cultural message to Arab Americans. $12.99 per month.
  • TV JAPAN – Japanese
    TV JAPAN is a Japanese language channel from NHK, the leading broadcaster in Japan. Most news programs and Sumo tournaments are offered in both Japanese and English. $24.99 per month.
  • DW Amerika – German
    Catch lifestyle programming, sports, international politics, business, European stock exchanges, culture & travel, science & technology, children’s programming from Germany. $12.99 per month.
    Experience life in Greece with daily news, hit movies and drama series, game shows and music programs and children’s programming. Plus, enjoy Greek Soccer Championship and Greek Basketball Championship. $12.99 per month.
  • TVK
    All Korean, all the time. This is 24-hour coverage of news, dramas, movies, sports, business, health, music, children's, game shows, entertainment and educational programming, all in Korean, much being broadcast for the first time ever in the United States. $12.99 per month.