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Remote DVR Manager

Anytime, anywhere, you can program your DVR!

Love all of the convenience and control you get from your DVR? Now you can “turn” your computer or mobile device into a DVR remote control with the Remote DVR Manager, a new feature from Bright House Networks. You now have the power to search the Bright House Channel lineup, record your favorite programs and manage your DVR program list even if you’re not at home. Schedule your DVR to record your favorite shows or movies from your PC, tablet or mobile device from the restaurant, park, the soccer field, shopping mall, or anywhere!

What You Need

The Remote DVR Manager application can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile device. You will simply need a My Services account and DVR Service from Bright House Networks. If you do not have an account, you will need to register for a My Services account.

Features & Benefits

Never miss a program again. Conveniently program your DVR from any Internet enabled phone or computer. Then watch the show on your terms, it's that easy.

Download Mobile App

Once you have registered for a My Services account from Bright House, you can access the Remote DVR Manager app for FREE on your mobile device. Simply open a bar code scanning application to scan the code below with your mobile device. Or visit our mobile web apps

Scan with Mobile Device

Scan code using your mobile device for quick access.


Access Remote DVR Manager for PC or Tablet

Just log in to your My Services account using your current login information, and then click on "Remote DVR Manager". If you’re already logged in to your My Services account, simply click on the link below to access Remote DVR Manager. Once you are signed in, you can manage all of your DVR programming from your computer anytime, anywhere!

Access Remote DVR Manager Online

Bright House mobile apps are best viewed with Safari, Blackberry and Android browsers.