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Bright House TV app on iPhone, Android, iPad and laptop


Where Will You Watch?

Great News, BHTV App Fans!

Now, in addition to watching TV on most wireless devices in and around your home, BHTV lets you watch Video On Demand and stream Live TV of some of your favorite channels anywhere you have Internet access.

BHTV App: For Computer | For iPad, iPhone | For Android | For Kindle Fire HD

What You Need

Using BHTV is easy. You need:

  • An iPad or iPhone with iOS 7 or higher, an Android 2.3 or higher or a Kindle Fire HD. A wireless connection  is required for mobile devices.
  • A PC or MAC with one of the following browsers: IE 9.x and up, Firefox 4 and up for MAC & Windows, Safari 5 and up for MAC, Google Chrome V 26.x and up for MAC and Windows
  • A Bright House Networks My Services account

Why It's Better

Features and Benefits

  • Improved interface with longer movie and show descriptions, and even ratings.
  • Schedule one-time or series recordings, and change settings on compatible DVRs.

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