Bright House Networks Contact Information

for Law Enforcement and Civil Litigants

Bright House Networks retains Subsentio Legal Compliance (“Subsentio”) as its agent for the fulfillment of requests for records production and lawful electronic surveillance (“Legal Compliance”). Accordingly, if you have a Legal Compliance Request for Bright House, send it to Subsentio. The following is Subsentio’s contact information.

Instructions for 
Records Production

Requests for emergency and non-emergency records production should name “Bright House Networks” as the service provider and be faxed to Subsentio as follows:

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers: 
MAIN: 877-510-4357 (Opt. 5, then Opt. 1) FAX: 703-953-3643

Emergency Phone Numbers: 
(For law enforcement agencies only)
877-510-4357 (Opt. 1) 
FAX: 703-953-3661

Emergency records requests should be accompanied by a release form which will aid you and Subsentio in your request. Download the Emergency Request Release Form.


Mailing Address:
Subsentio Legal Compliance
14900 Bogle Drive Suite 101
Chantilly, VA 20151

All requests must include the sender’s name (and for criminal investigations, the law enforcement agency name), address, and telephone number.

Instructions for Assistance with Lawful Surveillance

Requests for emergency and non-emergency lawful electronic surveillance should name “Bright House Networks” as the service provider and be faxed to Subsentio. All faxes should be followed up with a phone call to ensure the order is received.

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers:
MAIN: 303-794-6936
FAX: 866-217-4097

Emergency Phone Numbers: 
(For law enforcement agencies only)
FAX: 866-217-4097

All requests for non-emergency assistance with lawful surveillance should be accompanied by an LEA Worksheet.

Download the LEA Worksheet.

Instructions for After-hours Emergency Requests

(For law enforcement agencies only)

  1. Dial 877-510-4357 (Opt. 1),
  2. Advise the operator that this is an emergency request;
  3. Advise the operator whether this is a request for records production or lawful surveillance;
  4. Provide the operator with complete contact information;
  5. Advise the operator that you will be sending a fax;
  6. Fax any legal process and/or documentation to the appropriate emergency fax number based on the type of request you have identified in step 3 above. Download an emergency form which will aid you and Subsentio in assuring the best response times in processing your particular need.

Notice to Parties Serving Legal Process on Bright House Networks

Please note that starting on 1/1/2012 Bright House Networks will be seeking cost reimbursement in connection with the processing of subpoenas, search warrants, court orders, and/or all other forms of valid legal process requesting historical records. The fee schedule below identifies the fees that will be charged based on the records being requested.


Bright House Networks / Bright House Networks Information Services

Records Production Fee Schedule

General Administrative Fee applicable to all requests = $25 (plus applicable charges below)


Type of Request


Subscriber Info only

$5.00/Phone #/Account

Bill Copies/Statements


Redacted Bill Copies/Statements (detailed redacted records)


Payment History

$10.00/Phone #/Account

Check copy or credit card # (when available)

$35.00/Phone #/Account

Copy of Service Application (when available)

$35.00/Phone #/Account

CDR report (when available)

$20.00 per month

CDR report including Subscriber Info for all Phone # that called/received calls from Target #

$20.00 per month/$5.00 per subscriber

CDR reverse search (all Client Company subscribers that called the Target #)

$20.00 per month

IP Logs

$20.00 per month

Voicemails Retrieval

$150.00 per number


Additional Information:

  1. Additional fees may be imposed for unduly burdensome, voluminous or expedited requests. Record requests for a period beyond one calendar year from the date of search will fall within the additional fees category.
  2. Pre-payment may be required prior to subpoena fulfillment for voluminous requests or where requestor is delinquent in payment of past due charges.
  3. Fees are subject to change from time to time.
  4. Exceptions granted for cases involving exploitation of children.