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Bright House Networks Home Phone Battery Policy

Bright House Networks Phone service requires a phone modem (also known as an eMTA) that is powered by plugging it into an electrical wall outlet. In the event of an electrical outage, your modem will not receive power, just like a cordless phone, lamp or any other electrically powered device in your home. In this case, your Phone service, as well as home monitoring, security alert services, or medical services (like E911), will not be available.

Your phone modem is equipped with a battery that may enable backup service in the event of a power outage for a limited period of time or not at all, depending on the circumstances. If your local Bright House Networks system loses power or experiences other service issues, the battery in your phone modem will not provide backup service and your Phone service will not be available. A phone modem battery does not power cordless phones or other equipment connected to the telephone line that requires electricity from your Premises.

Bright House Networks does not guarantee the performance of the backup battery. The backup battery is designed to provide temporary power to the phone modem in the event electrical power in the home is lost. The length of time that your Phone will be available during a power outage will depend on the following: (i) the backup battery remains properly installed in the phone modem; (ii) the backup battery is properly charged; (ii) the condition and age of the backup battery; and (iii) the amount of Phone usage when the phone modem is utilizing power from the backup battery.

If your backup battery stops charging or becomes defective, Bright House Networks will replace the battery within 90 days of the installation of your Phone service. If you need a replacement battery and meet the criteria for replacement, then please contact us. After 90 days of installation of your Phone, it is your responsibility to replace the backup battery. Please visit support.brighthouse.com to learn how to determine when your backup battery needs replacement and to order a replacement battery.

Optimize your Battery Life

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your phone modem battery:

  • Do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures, which can substantially shorten your battery’s life.
  • During an extended outage, use your Home Phone sparingly to preserve your battery life.
  • Check your battery’s condition twice a year. An indicator light on the front of your modem lets you know that your battery is charged and operating properly. To check its condition:
  1. Unplug the modem power cord from the wall.
  2. Verify that you have a dial tone on your Home Phone.
  3. If you do, your battery is working.

For more information on determining if you need a replacement battery or for troubleshooting batteries visit our Support pages.