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Equipment Policy

Equipment Policy

Our goal is to provide you with enriched, high quality services. This document describes Bright House Networks (“BHN”) policy for equipment used in connection with your Television services.

Some TVs and DVRs are not equipped to receive the full range of cable channels available to you.  Because of these limitations, a cable box may be required to receive all of the cable channels and is available from our company for a nominal monthly fee. Alternatively, a certified device may be purchased from a retail outlet.  Those TVs, cable boxes and certified devices will need a CableCard to receive the full range of cable services.  A CableCard is a removable card that plugs directly into some TVs and third party cable boxs to provide access to authorized digital cable programming.  You will be able to lease a Cable Card from Bright House Networks to use with your personal cable box.  Depending on the capabilities of the device that will use the CableCard, you may also need a Tuning Adapter from Bright House Networks to use with your personal cable box.  If required for operation of your equipment, Bright House Networks can supply you with a Tuning Adapter without charge.  You would then use your device in place of the cable box or DVR you might otherwise lease from Bright House Networks. 

If you are using a BHN cable box and/or CableCard, you will be assessed a charge on your monthly billing statement for that device. This charge includes technical provisioning, support and maintenance of the cable box and/or CableCard.  BHN will also repair and replace BHN equipment for you at no additional charge.

If you are using your own certified device, you will not be assessed a charge on your monthly billing statement.   Please go to our support article for the most current list of certified devices.   This list may change from time to time, so please refer to it before making an equipment change.

Whether the equipment is owned by you or by us, BHN reserves the right to upgrade the software for that equipment at any time and will be free from damages as a result of these upgrades.  We perform software upgrades for different purposes, such as improving the overall quality, security and experience of your cable television services.

BHN reserves the right to provide services only to customers with BHN equipment or certified devices.  We do not guarantee the performance of your cable television service with customer-owned equipment.