Echo Home Networking

The Ultimate Home Network!

Your home will never be the same. . . .


Experience the power of Echo. It’s the revolutionary whole house network solution that can eliminate WiFi dead zones and provide more consistent bandwidth for gaming and streaming anywhere in your house. No one else offers the ultimate home networking solution.

What You Need

Echo uses an advanced wireless gateway 2.0 (Echo modem) — a next generation, dual-band modem/router that delivers more range and signal strength than our current modems and routers.

Add access points wherever there is a cable outlet to expand your wired and wireless coverage. Each access point has two Ethernet ports to provide the best wired connection.

Bright House Networks technicians will set up the Echo Home Network for you.

Why It's Better

Echo maximizes your Internet experience anywhere in and around your house by expanding your network in two ways: wired and wireless.

Echo access points enable you to connect devices such as smart TVs, desktop computers and gaming systems to the Internet for maximum speed. These wired access points deliver similar speed to your primary modem.

Each access point also contains a WiFi antenna that expands your signal and creates a WiFi blanket covering your entire house.

Features & Benefits

Savings: Get connected to wireless Internet and stay connected.  It doesn’t get any easier to get your Internet to move with you and keep your entire family online at the same time.  

Sharing: Download even more music, videos and photos than ever before, almost anywhere inside your home. It’s Internet that keeps up with you. Plus, enjoy network gaming with High Speed Internet service on multiple computers.

Simplicity: Bright House Networks technicians set up the wireless network for you.

Support 24/7: Bright House Networks offers award-winning customer service and technical support 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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