Parental Controls

Mom and Dad Know Best

There's no negotiating, what you say goes.

We know that your first priority is to keep your family protected. When it comes to that task, parents do know what’s best. That’s why we make it easier to go online with McAfee Family Protection, free when you have Bright House Networks High Speed Internet.

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What You Need

Download McAfee Family Protection software free when you have High Speed Internet only from Bright House Networks.  

Why It's Better

It’s easy to use, so you can rest easier knowing your children are safer with online security from Bright House Networks. You choose which sites, content and times are acceptable, and even get reports about your family’s online activities.


Online TV Filtering

Manage online TV viewing based on MPAA ratings

Online TV Filtering

Manage online TV viewing based on MPAA ratings

Manage iTunes

Block previewing and downloading of explicit rated music and videos on iTunes

Instant Message Reporting

Monitors and records instant message conversations so parents are aware of cyber-bullying and improper dialogue with strangers

Social Network Monitoring

Records when personal information (for example: phone number, address, location) is posted to social networking sites and monitors the use of profanity and sexually explicit terms

Set Time Limits

Manage the amount of time your children spend on the Internet

Block Objectionable Websites

Filter up to 35 categories of inappropriate websites to which children may be accidentally exposed.

Review Activity Reports

View and understand your children’s online activities to communicate and educate proper online behaviors

YouTube Filtering

Unique technology that prevents exposure to objectionable content yet gives children access to appropriate videos

Instant Text Alerts

Receive email and/or text alerts instantly when intentional or accidental access to blocked websites is attempted

Program Blocking

Blocks access to programs on the computer that may be inappropriate to children, and blocks file sharing programs, such as BearShare, that may include unwanted material in the files

Encrypted Site Blocking

Provides a deeper layer of protection against access to secure websites that may include inappropriate content, which helps prevent children from circumventing the system