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Easy Gadget

See who’s calling at home, listen to Voice Mail messages, send texts from your home phone to mobile phones, create contact lists, look up business listings, and more.

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Classic Phone Features

Voice Mail

Add Voice Mail and you'll never miss a call again. View text versions of voice mails or listen to messages from anywhere with the Easy Gadget app. Voice Mail is available for a few dollars per month.

Caller ID on PC or TV

Our Phone and TV customers can see who's calling on their TV screen. Phone customers with our Internet service can see who's calling on PCs and most wireless devices, both at home and away, with Easy Gadget.

Call Waiting

Keep on talking — a soft tone alerts you when a second caller is on the line. See who’s calling when you have a Caller-ID-ready phone.

Call Forwarding

Not going to be home but don't want to miss important calls? Easily send calls to any mobile or home phone.

Speed Dial

One touch does it all when you program frequently dialed numbers to your phone.

Three-Way Calling

Chat with more people. Add a third party to your existing phone conversation easily.


Enjoy knowing help is a phone call away with E911. E911 — short for Enhanced 911 — is included with your phone service, and enables emergency dispatchers to automatically identify your name, address, and phone number. Enhanced 911 associates a location with the caller’s phone number allowing police, fire, or emergency medical professionals to respond to an urgent situation. Automatic location is key in times of crisis where it may be difficult to communicate address details.

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