Bright House Home Phone Calling Features

Friendly Calling Features

Many of them FREE!

When you sign up for Bright House Networks Phone service, you can enjoy affordable calling plans and reliability. Plus, FREE features you’ve come to rely on, like Caller ID, Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling. 

What You Need

Our Phone service works with your existing phones on your existing outlets. You can even keep your same phone number in most cases.

Why It's Better

In addition to reliability and affordability, our Phone service is great because it works with our other services. For example, if you have our Internet service, you’ll get Caller ID on PC. If you have our TV service, you’ll get Caller ID on TV.

Free Features

Many of the most popular calling features are included with Bright House Networks Home Phone service, at no additional charge with Nationwide calling plans. And, we are introducing new calling features to help you manage your Home Phone service even better!

  • Caller ID

    No surprise ending here. You can see the name and number of who’s calling when you have a Caller ID-ready phone.

  • Caller ID on TV

    See the name and number of any caller appear right on your TV screen when you have Bright House Networks Home Phone and Digital Cable. Now you can decide whether to answer your phone, without getting up to answer the phone.

  • Call Waiting

    There is no waiting anymore. Now, you can answer a call, even if you’re already on the phone. A special tone will alert you when a second caller tries to reach you so you can place your first caller on hold and answer the second call.

  • Call Waiting ID

    It’s the best of Caller ID and Call Waiting – combined. When there’s a call waiting, you’ll hear a special tone and you’ll see their name and number appear on your Caller ID screen.

  • Enhanced 911

    It enables an emergency dispatcher to automatically identify your name, phone number and address when you dial 911.

  • Easy Gadget with Caller ID on PC and Lots More

    Download Easy Gadget and you’ll know exactly who’s calling your home, anywhere you’re online with caller ID that appears right on your computer screen. Plus, personalize Caller ID information with ringtones and pictures, automatically connect your Home Phone to anyone on your contact list with a click of your mouse, view and listen to voice mail messages on your desktop and even send text messages right from your computer.

    Requires both Bright House Networks Home Phone and Road Runner High Speed Internet on your account.
    Download Easy Gadget

  • Home Phone Online Tools

    Check your Voice Mail on the Internet at anytime and anywhere with Home Phone Online Tools. See who called, listen to messages, save or delete messages and manage your online Home Phone Service experience. Sign in to check your Voice Mail through My Services.

  • International call block (Additional Charge Blocking)

    Requesting Additional Charges Blocking (ACB) restricts outbound, fee-based calls, helping to control unwanted charges. With ACB all International, North American Numbering Plan (NANP) offshore calls, Operated Assisted (0 & 0+) and Directory Assistance calls (including International 411) will be blocked. This feature must be requested through a Customer Care professional who can be reached by calling 611 from your Bright House Networks Home Phone.

  • Caller ID to Mobile

    easy gadget allows the user to have a text message sent to their mobile phone whenever someone calls their Bright House phone. This is configured in easy gadget from within the Caller ID tab in Settings.

  • Free Online Directory Search

    Directory Search is a free online search tool in easy gadget for quickly looking up phone numbers for specific people and businesses. You can also determine who owns a business or residential number by using the reverse number lookup.

  • Visual Voice Mail

    Listen to your Voice Mail on your computer wherever you are. With visual Voice Mail, you can see all of your stored Voice Mail messages and listen to the messages in any order your choose.

  • Unlimited Free Text Messaging

    Send text messages to and receive text messages from any mobile phone in the US using your Bright House Home number. You can text directly from the Easy Gadget app or log into My Services and text using any Internet connected browser without installing an app. It's a great way to stay connected with your friends and family using the same phone number and a computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • Remote Access Unconditional Call Forwarding

    Remotely forward all incoming calls to another telephone number of your choosing with Remote Access Unconditional Call Forwarding. Access this feature online in Home Phone Online Tools within My Services.

  • Selective Call Blocking

    Block incoming calls that are on a list of phone numbers you define with Selective Call Blocking. Set up this feature online with Home Phone Online Tools through My Services.

  • Selective Call Forwarding

    With Selective Call Forwarding, you can have incoming calls from specific telephone numbers forwarded to another number (i.e., your mobile number) that are on a list of phone numbers you define. Set up your list in Home Phone Online Tools within My Services.

  • Call Forwarding

    Your Home Phone can travel with you, wherever you go. Forward or redirect your phone calls to your cell phone or any other phone while you are away from home. Please note: Long distance charges will apply for calls forwarded to international numbers. If calls are forwarded to a cell phone, any minutes or charges will be applied against the cell phone's wireless plan.

  • 3-Way Calling

    Talk more to more people. Add a third party to your existing phone conversation easily.

  • Speed Dial

    One touch does it all when you program frequently dialed numbers to your phone.

  • * Features
    • Repeat Dialing (*66)
    • Anonymous Call Reject (*77)
    • Caller ID block (*67)
    • Call return (*69)
    • Cancel call waiting (*70)
  • 611 Customer Support

    Connect instantly to Bright House Networks live customer support. Just dial this simple number - 611.

  • Click-to-call

    Search for a Business or Person’s phone number and address from your desktop; then click-to-call a listing, add a listing to your contacts and even get directions.

  • Call details (call log)

    Keep in touch with family, friends, customers, and important contacts through an online call history that lets you create and edit contacts, and respond to recent calls by calling or texting with the click of a mouse.

  • Remote call forwarding

    Remotely forward your Home Phone to any other phone right from your PC

Options Available

Choose the best options for you!

  • Voice Mail

    Never miss a call again and access your voice mail messages from anywhere. Voice Mail records messages from your callers and stores them for just a few extra dollars per month. Check your messages from any phone in your home or while you’re out. Even view and listen to your messages online through any browser using Home Phone Online Tools and on your desktop with Easy Gadget.
    Contact Us to Order Voice Mail

  • Additional Lines

    Add a second line and separate phone number to your home for a small additional cost per month.

  • Enhanced Directory Assistance (411)

    Access movie listings, reverse number lookup, Yellow Page search, horoscopes, lottery results, time, weather, sports scores, driving directions and more. Enhanced Directory Assistance is only $2.00 per call and automatic call completion is free.

  • Unlimited Directory Assistance

    Enjoy unlimited 411 access for just $4.95 per month. Unlimited Directory Assistance is available to Unlimited Nationwide calling plan customers only.

  • Voice Mail to Email and Text

    With Bright House Networks’ new Enhanced Voice Mail, you can read and listen to messages left on your home phone voice mail right after messages are left, instead of waiting until you return home. With Voice Mail-to-Email, you can listen to your messages on your PCs shortly after the message is recorded through an attached wav file; with Voice Mail-to-Text Transcription, the audio recording is transcribed into text form and is then sent to you securely and privately via the same email as the file attachment as well as SMS on a mobile device. Enhanced Voice Mail features, email addresses and mobile phone numbers are easily configurable online through Bright House Networks’ My Services pages.

  • International Long Distance

    Bright House Networks offers two options for calling international long distance – both providing great rates, simple direct dialing and the most reliable, highest quality connections. Call anywhere in the world as often or as little as you like without having to pay a monthly fee to get low competitive calling rates. Or, sign up for Bright House Connection plans with the Nationwide calling plan and save up to 94% more to 52 countries that include 100 anytime minutes for one low monthly rate and the same reduced per-minute rate after that.
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Making the Most of It

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