On Screen Guide

On-Screen Guide

A Friendlier Way
to Find and Watch TV

Bright House Networks on-screen guide is your one-stop portal to everything our TV service has to offer. Find, watch, record and enjoy TV-time the way you want to with the click of your remote. Simply put, it’s a friendlier way to watch. 

Why It's Better

Bright House Networks on-screen guide makes it easy to search for your favorite shows, movies and channels—even manage how you watch TV—in one place. You can even use the guide to personalize your TV experience.

Products and Features of On-Screen TV Guide

With the Bright House Networks guide, you can do many things.

  • Search Live TV by genre such as Entertainment, Kids & Family, Lifestyle, Movies, News and Sports.
  • View DVR features like Show List, Scheduled Recordings, Recently Viewed and more.
  • Control Settings such as Parental Control, Favorites, Caller ID, Timers, Captioning, Purchases and more.