On Screen Guide

On-Screen Guide

A Friendlier Way
to Find and Watch TV

Bright House Networks on-screen guide is your one-stop portal to everything our TV service has to offer. Find, watch, record and enjoy TV-time the way you want to with the click of your remote. Simply put, it’s a friendlier way to watch. 

What You Need

The Guide is free when you enjoy Bright House Networks Premier service.

Why It's Better

Bright House Networks on-screen guide makes it easy to search for your favorite shows, movies and channels — even manage how you watch TV — in one place. You can even use the guide to personalize your TV experience.

Features & Benefits

With the Bright House Networks guide, you can do many things.

  • Search Live TV by genre such as Entertainment, Kids & Family, Lifestyle, Movies, News and Sports.
  • View DVR features like Show List, Scheduled Recordings, Recently Viewed and more.
  • Control Settings such as Parental Control, Favorites, Caller ID, Timers, Captioning, Purchases and more.