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So you’ve ordered Bright House TV, Internet, Phone, Home Security, maybe even a DVR … Now you’re wondering, “How do I use this?” or “Where do I find that?” No worries. Dan and Sara are here to show you how! Find the topic you have questions about, and get answers by watching our short How To instructional videos below.

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How to Videos

Easy Gadget

Use Easy Gadget to stay connected to your Phone service 24/7.

Remote Control

Access free interactive features with your Bright House remote.

Using the Main Menu

Learn more about the A or Menu button on your remote.

TV Explorer Overview

Discover what’s on TV and On Demand anytime, anywhere.

Manage your DVR via BHTV

Easily manage your DVR remotely using the BHTV app.

Online Phone Features

Access free phone features anywhere.

On Demand Channel 1000

Find your On Demand favorites on Channel 1000.

Start Over / Look Back

Start Over or Look Back restarts shows already in progress.

Bright Moves

Hello Movers, find out if you’re eligible for up to $100 in savings.

Online Channel Lineup

Check your online channel lineup.

My Services

Set up a My Services login.

Parental Controls

Set up Parental Controls to protect kids from adult TV content.

Cable Box Reboot

Reboot your Cable Box.

DVR Basics

Learn how to use your DVR.

Cable WiFi

Access FREE Cable WiFi HotSpots.

Output/Picture Settings

Manage your output/picture settings.


Learn how to use the BHTV app.


Our apps can help simplify your life.

Echo Home Networking

ECHO can eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home.

BHN Secure WiFi HotSpots

Access thousands of FREE BHN Secure WiFi HotSpots.

Connect Your BHN Cable Box

Connecting your BHN Cable Box.

TV Everywhere Apps

We offer 50+ TV apps.

Pay Per View

Access Pay Per View movies and events.

Home Security Control Videos

How to Add Apps

Add apps to your in-home touchscreen.

How to Arm-Arming Modes

An overview of the Home Security arming modes.

Changing Keypad Access Code

How to change access and master codes.

How to Change Portal Password

A step-by-step guide to changing your portal password.

Changing your Password

How to change your secret password.

Configure Touchscreen Sounds

Setting up sounds on the Touchscreen.

How to Create a Rule

Learn how to create a rule.

How to Schedule an Event

Learn how to schedule an event.

Creating a Non-Event Rule

How to create a non-event rule.

How to Overview of Terms

Your glossary of Home Security terms.

Your Insurance Certificate

How to print out your certificate.

The Difference in Routers

How to tell your routers apart.

How to Touchscreen Placement

Where to place your in-home touchscreen.