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WatchESPN App

Live. Anywhere.

WatchESPN gives you access to 24/7 live programming from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, ESPNEWS, Goal Line, and Buzzer Beater from your desktop, tablet, Xbox, or smart phone.

Get ESPN Networks Live FREE

NOW AVAILABLE on WatchESPN: ESPN Deportes and ESPNEWS. Stay connected to live sports and shows from ESPN - wherever and whenever you want them. TV subscribers who receive ESPN as part of their subscription can watch all eight WatchESPN networks on their Xbox and Apple and Android mobile devices.

What You Need

You will simply need a My Services account from Bright House Networks. If you do not have an account, you will need to register for a My Services account.

You will also need Internet Service and an Internet enabled device such as a Computer, Tablet, Xbox, or Smart Phone. Xbox users must be an Xbox LIVE Gold member to access this content.

Features & Benefits

Live streaming access to the top events from the ESPN family of networks, including:

  • NBA Regular Season and Playoffs
  • The Masters, US Open and The Open Championships
  • College Football and Basketball
  • Soccer, Tennis, and thousands more live events airing on the ESPN networks

Access ESPN on Desktop or Tablet

  1. Sign up for a Bright House Networks My Services Account
  2. Visit Watch ESPN
  3. Click Blue WATCH NOW button, and Select Bright House Networks as your Provider.
  4. Sign In with your Bright House My Services Account
  5. Select programming of your choice from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPN U

Get WatchESPN App for Xbox

  1. Go to the apps marketplace on Xbox and download ESPN app
  2. Once in the app, select to view Live content (or any content requiring authentication)
  3. Prompt asks to authenticate. Click “Choose your provider”
  4. Click “Bright House Networks”
  5. URL is displayed for website ( to obtain registration code -- must be accessed from PC
  6. On PC, visit above URL and click “Continue”
  7. Log in with My Services credentials and click “Continue”
  8. Registration code should appear on WatchESPN’s page
  9. Return to Xbox, enter registration code, click “Continue”
  10. Video initially selected will now play

Get WatchESPN App for your Mobile Device or Tablet

WatchESPN account setup process for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  1. Sign up for a Bright House Networks My Services Account
  2. Download and Install “WatchESPN” app (Apple App Store)
  3. 3. Launch the “WatchESPN” app, select Bright House Networks as your Provider, login using your Bright House Networks My Services username and password… and that’s it!
WatchESPN account setup process for Android
  1. Sign up for a Bright House Networks My Services Account
  2. Sign up for ESPN ID
  3. Link ESPN ID to My Services Account
  4. Download and Install “WatchESPN” app (Android Market )